PROFESSIONAL TUNING AND REPAIRSServicing pianos throughout the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat.


A well maintained piano should be tuned at least once a year. In some high use situations or where you want to keep it at its peak of performance 6-monthly tunings are recommended. It can be a false economy to leave your piano longer than one year between tunings. Even…

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The piano has over 8000 parts which must be finely adjusted so that they work together to produce a warm sound and smooth action. Over time the piano may no longer sound or play so smoothly and evenly. This is caused by compaction of felts, wear from use, changes in…

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Pianos can fall victim to a variety of mishaps. Vermin such as mice and moths can destroy the felt parts of the piano. Liquids and heavy objects dropped into the piano can damage vital parts. Amateur attempts to repair pianos may also require specialist attention. Usually though it is normal…

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