A well maintained piano should be tuned at least once a year. In some high use situations or where you want to keep it at its peak of performance 6-monthly tunings are recommended. It can be a false economy to leave your piano longer than one year between tunings. Even if the piano still sounds fine to your ear, it may well be gradually dropping in pitch. This is because the tension of the strings exert a pressure equivalent of up to 23 tons on the piano. Strings stretch, tuning pins unwind and even the frame continuously flexes. If the piano has not been tuned for a number of years then we may recommend tunings at 6 monthly intervals to gradually bring your piano up to correct pitch. We may recommend a  gradual restoration of the piano to its correct pitch over a couple of years. Yearly tunings can resume when the piano is back to its proper pitch.

We recommend that the piano be tuned at the same time each year. This is because seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause a piano to go in and out of tune. Summers in Australia are particularly stressful on pianos so we advise our customers to avoid tuning their piano during a summer heat wave unless it is needed for a concert or some other event.

The typical cost for piano tuning is $150 dollars. On rare occasions a piano may be in such a poor state that it cannot be tuned. To avoid this we may ask a few basic questions about the piano over the phone. An $80 callout fee may be applied if we are unable to tune your piano but you will receive an assessment of the piano and advice on the correct course of action.